Floral Crowns Part 1: Baby's Breath

We LOVE a beautiful floral crown. When constructed properly, they add a beautiful and unique touch without being too distracting. Our first DIY crown tutorial uses baby’s breath. This is a perfect, simple, and easy DIY for your flower girl or yourself, depending on your bridal style. This crown can even double as a decorative wreath! Baby’s breath is affordable, durable, and a little goes a long way. This project only uses about ¼ a bunch of baby’s breath.

Supplies: Baby’s breath (a little less than a bunch is enough), floral wire, floral tape, wire cutters or pliers, floral scissors.

Step 1: To get the proper measurement for the headband, wrap the wire around the head where it sits in a comfortable position. Use about three times the length so as to triple the width and strength of the headband. Wrap the wire in floral tape so all the wires are secured together.

Step 2: Cut a small piece of baby’s breath and secure to the headband with floral tape. 

Step 3: Continue adding blooms until the crown is full.

For a thinner crown you can either use the type of baby’s breath with larger blooms, as shown below, or space out the bunches of smaller baby’s breath.