Q: How long will it take to see our photos?

A: Our fine art approach takes a bit longer, however we know you'll believe the wait will be worth it! For portraits we'll schedule an ordering session around 2 weeks after your shoot where you'll see your images for the first time. Weddings take a bit longer to develop and sort through, so the ordering session will take place around 4 weeks after your wedding. 

Q: How can I place my order?

A: We have found the best customer experience comes from ordering sessions. These face to face meetings allow us to help walk you through the process of ordering your albums, wall portraits, and other products. 


A: While digital cameras may be more popular and accessible, we prefer how film handles light and the gorgeous colors different films provide. Instead of editing digital images to look like film, why not just shoot the real thing? We consider ourselves hybrid shooters, preferring film when situations allow, but willing to use the advantages of digital when necessary. Although film can be less convenient at times, the gorgeous images captured are worth every bit of extra work.